"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law License."


Theleme1 is a fork of the WINE ( tree. [Based on WINE release 20020228].

WINE is undergoing a license change from its current MIT/X11 based license to a 'copyleft' based license [details may be found on the WINE lists]. This project supports the WINE contributors decision to change to a license to better protect their work, but those that contribute here, still desire an implemention of WINE under its current (X11/MIT) license. The goals of this project are the same as those of WINE (an implemention of the Windows API for Unix), and the initial codebase will be the last release of WINE with its current license. Any contributions to this fork will hopefully also find their way into the WINE tree (if it has not already implemented them).

Ove Kaaven has graciously agreed to maintain this fork.

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cracked Wine glass

Origin of the name

1While originally this project was named WINE[M] to denote its Wine origin and MIT/X11 license, it was deemed that this name is probably too similar to WINE, so it may confuse users & cause a headache for the Wine developers.
Gerard Patel suggested the current name, derived from the Abbey of Thélème, from Gargantua by François Rabelais.
For more information see:
The Abbey of Theleme and
Do What Thou Wilt @ Intro. to Crowley Studies

Thank you.
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